A Casino Event of Seattle (ACE) is the premier Casino Fundraising company!

What a great idea!?  A Casino Night Fundraiser!  The great news is, we are the experts and will help you every step of the way!

It’s not really Gambling

Your guests will be purchasing Scrip directly from you and will be cashing them in at the table.  All the money donated goes directly to you.

Making money with a Casino Fundraiser

Ticket Sales

Selling tickets to your event will cover the initial cost.  We can help you set the ticket price and develop a system to deploy them.

How many tickets you sell will also help you determine how many tables you need

Table Sponsorships

Having your tables sponsored is a sure and easy way to bring in extra cash.  If you need help or ideas on this, please let us know!

Casino Scrip Purchases

With the initial ticket purchased, your guests will receive Casino Scrip.  When that runs out, they can buy more!  This is also a great revenue source.  We provide the scrip and will even customize it with your logo and denomination.

ACE Promotions

Please check with us on our current promotions to you.  We work with destination properties to get a number of free or low cost trip packages each year.  Some can be at no cost to you and will be included with your fundraising package.  In addition, we work with a marketing and promotional company to provide a 10k golf shot challenge, scratch tickets that can be worth $5,000 each, sports memorabilia for your silent auction, or other games of chance to make additional revenue.


Washington state requires casino fundraising events to be licensed.  We will give you the information about licensing in each state and where to download the application.

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